Casa De Luna
Casa De Luna
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Casa De Luna Blanco Tequila was introduced in 2010.  This house of the moon tequila is made with 100% blue agave grown in the lowlands.  After hand selecting and harvesting the agave it is slow roasted in brick ovens.  The agave juice is then extracted and fermented before it is twice distilled and filtered 10 times.The aroma is fresh crushed agave with a sweet fruit backing.  The sweet fruit entry has pear flavor that builds to an orange citrus peak.  It fades with a peppery sting with agave and grapefruit taste.  The dry oily finish has bitter grapefruit zest flavor and an alcohol burn that leaves a long sting and a minty agave aftertaste.  After being filtered ten times I didn’t expect this much flavor, and I certainly expected a smoother finish.  That said the sweet fruit flavor of Casa De Luna will make a tasty cocktail.
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