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Dzika Kaczka Vodka is a crystal clear vodka with an exceptionally mild taste, which it owes to one of the most important ingredients – pure spirit with 99.9% strength. The Wild Duck is filtered three times.

Perla Honey

Light full honey beer with the alcohol content of 6%. Naturally cloudy with a deep amber color and a long-lasting light-creme foam. It owes its unique aroma and taste to the mixture of the characteristic bitterness well-beloved by Perła Chmielowa fans and the delicate sweetness of the multi-flower honeys from the Lublin region. Try the newest product from the Pearl Among Beers.

Arcobrau Mooser Liesl Helles

Arcobräu Gräfliches Brauhaus

Brewed perfectly with special malt varieties and natural hops, this Bayrisch Helle makes beer enjoyment an incomparable taste experience

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