Relationships are key to our operations — especially with our suppliers. It’s with their collaboration that we’re able to create a resilient supply chain that delivers value for us and contributes toward our sustainability goals.

Suppliers are Essential to Our Operations

When selecting suppliers, we look for businesses that can help us deliver the products and service our consumers love. That means access to high-quality raw materials, products and services, but also access to innovation. We’re committed to selecting suppliers who work with us to achieve our sustainability goals and uphold our principles of fair working conditions, environmental protection, and ethical conduct.

Working Together to Find Mutual Benefits

To further collaborate with suppliers, our Supplier Value Creation team engages with vendors to help find improvement opportunities in their manufacturing and logistics areas. With smaller suppliers, we go beyond those two areas to provide support in general management best practices. These efforts are already ongoing in Latin America, Colombia and Africa.

Collaborating with Strategic Suppliers

Working collaboratively with our strategic suppliers is vital to help our business identify sources of innovation and value. In many of our strategic supplier relationships we focus on the development of technology and value creation.

Within our strategic supplier collaborations, it’s essential for us to understand the performance of our suppliers. We work across each of our zones to gather performance data on supply, service, quality, sustainability, innovation, and growth & competitiveness. It’s with this approach that we’ll deliver long-term sustainable value together.

Our Supplier Requirements

We expect our suppliers to deliver high-quality products and services. We source from diverse countries and categories so our Procurement teams can ensure that our suppliers are informed of all the specifications required for each product or service.

In addition, we require all our suppliers to agree to the principles of our Responsible Sourcing and Supplier Anti-Corruption Policies. These are referred to in all our template contracts and are a non-negotiable requirement as we work together.

To learn more about our responsible sourcing practices, download our Responsible Sourcing Policy and Supplier Anti-Corruption Policy.