Burgkopf Pilsner

Premium Belgian Pilsner

Burgkopf Pils is a classy pilsner beer, light golden, sweet, bready malt nose; light to medium-bodied with a hint of citrus followed by a lightly bitter finish and is appreciated internationally – very Belgian, very pils, traditionally brewed. Thanks to Martens brewery you can experience Belgian bottom-fermenting beer of the best quality.
It worth mentioning that Brouwerij Martens, as a family run company, has been brewing beer for over 255 years, and it prides itself on this rich tradition. For eight generations, they have been supplying customers with products of excellent quality. What is more,their company is shaped by the rich history, experienced and professional team and innovative technologies. This helps them to provide their consumers with products of a unique taste and great quality. Burgkopf Pils has gained respect throughout the world by having harmonious and balanced flavour, being light and very refreshing.


Alcohol Content 5.0%


  • Bottle 16.9 fl oz (500ml)
  • Carton 10 x 16.9 fl oz Bottle
  • Can 16.9 fl oz (500ml)
  • Carton 6×4 Pack CAN (24)


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